Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness

July 4th is a day that serves as an opportunity to reflect on and pay tribute to the principles and beliefs that laid the foundation for America, fostering a sense of pride and reverence for our nation’s heritage. 


At the core of our nation’s legacy are certain truths that are undeniable, universal, and eternally relevant. One such truth that our founding fathers were adamant in upholding is the enduring principle that all men are created equal, endowed by God with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These seemingly simple words from The Declaration of Independence, continue to resonate as a guiding light, upholding the character and integrity of our nation.




Every human being has God-given rights. Our rights do not depend upon government for their existence. The unalienable right to life serves as a foundational principle upon which our other rights and freedoms are built. It underscores the importance of preserving human life, promoting the welfare and safety of individuals, and ensuring that all members of society have the opportunity to flourish and pursue a fulfilled and purposeful life.


By acknowledging and upholding life, the Declaration emphasizes the inherent value and sanctity of each human being, and it establishes a moral and ethical framework for our nation to uphold. It highlights the responsibility of governments and individuals to protect and preserve this fundamental right, thereby creating a society that values and cherishes the precious gift of life.




Liberty is the freedom and autonomy to exercise individual rights without unwarranted interference or oppression from external forces, such as governments or oppressive powers. It emphasizes the ability to live free from arbitrary restrictions on personal freedoms, allowing individuals to express themselves, engage in peaceful assembly, worship according to their beliefs, and participate in the democratic process. 


The concept of liberty outlined in the Declaration of Independence reflects the fundamental principle that individuals should be able to govern themselves and have the freedom to pursue a fulfilling and meaningful life. It includes the freedom to act, think, and speak as one desires, as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others or violate the law. It recognizes that liberty is essential to a just and free society and is rooted in the belief that people are capable of determining their own destinies and should be able to exercise their rights and freedoms without unjust interference.


The Pursuit of Happiness


The pursuit of happiness, the third cornerstone, encompasses the right that individuals have the autonomy and liberty to make choices that align with their values, goals, and aspirations. The Declaration of Independence does not guarantee happiness itself. Instead, it recognizes the inherent right to actively pursue goals and dreams without undue interference or limitations imposed by external forces. 


Importantly, the pursuit of happiness does not grant license for actions that harm others or infringe upon their rights. It is understood within the context of a just and equitable society, where individuals can pursue their happiness while respecting the rights and well-being of others. God’s gift of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness serves as a guiding compass, empowering us to assert our rights and safeguard our freedoms.


Government’s main responsibility is to safeguard these inalienable rights. Governments are established by consent, deriving their just powers from the governed. Their sole purpose is to ensure that justice, equality, and the rule of law prevail within our nation. The authority entrusted to them must be exercised with prudence, fairness, and a fervent understanding of the inherent rights of each individual.


A time to honor


Independence Day is a time to honor these imperative values that distinguish America, the principles that bind us together as a nation, and the responsibility we share to uphold and protect those values. It’s an opportunity to honor the sacrifices and resilience of those who fought and continue to fight for our nation’s independence and have taken a stand to secure our freedoms and shape the future of our nation.


At PublicSq. we are passionate about upholding the foundation and values America was built upon. We believe in the greatness of this nation and will always fight to defend it. Our constitution is non-negotiable. Government isn’t the source of our rights, so it can’t take them away. In the face of government oppression, the indomitable spirit of the people awakens, empowering them to rise up and forge a new era of governance that champions liberty and justice for all.

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