Buy Nouri, Ditch Garden of Life.

“Quality probiotics & supplements to support healthy, holistic living!

PublicSq. business Nouri “is a microbiome health company creating products to support digestive, immune, and brain health.”

All of their products are proudly made in the USA, are intentionally formulated with the utmost excellence to actually benefit gut and immune health respectively, and are additive/filler free! If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, it keeps getting better. Nouri proudly believes in the sanctity of life, supports the family unit, and believes in traditional American values such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Sadly, the popular brand Garden of Life, owned by Nestlé, falls wildly short when it comes to traditional values and supporting natural health. An avid supporter of woke agendas, Nestlé has endorsed and encouraged gender dysphoria and “gender reassignment” surgeries for children and adults alike. The corporation also donated over $2 million to the “Go Give One” campaign linked to the WHO Foundation to distribute the “j@b”. Not to mention, Nestlé has previously been under scrutiny for their unethical labor practices.

We appreciate freedom-loving businesses like Nouri that are steadfast in their values, and truly represent a health company that cares for and supports the holistic well-being of Americans in every area of life. You can find Nouri on our app! Be sure to use their special discount code “FIRST20” for 20% at checkout.